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Week 2: Problem Contest

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Hello, students! This is the second weekly math contest, with a problem released every Sunday.

First, congratulations to our honorable mention Samuel Gu for solving last week's problem! The answer was 1140.


Triangle ABC has side AB = 8, BC = 6, AC = 7. CM is a median of AB. Points N and K are on side BC such that CN = NK = KB. Find the ratio AX/XN.


The first 10 people to respond with the correct answer and correct solution will get an honorable mention on our website under the newspaper section for that week. Submissions are due every Saturday, so the problem for this week is due on March 26, 2022.

Note: Due to the difficulty of the previous version of this contest, the problem has been changed and the due date has been pushed back to March 26, 2022.


Students can upload submissions to the problem using the following Google Form: You are only allowed a single submission, so please carefully check your submission.

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